175 // Getting Ready for GDBC 2019

31 May 2019 40 mins, 2335 downloads

In this episode Greg is joined by René van Osnabrugge and Rob Bos, where they talk about this year's Global DevOps Boot Camp. What it is, who should go, behind the scenes, the cost (it's free ;) and much more...

René van Osnabrugge

"To truly innovate, do not optimize what you do, but rethink what you should do"

Rene works as DevOps Consultant at Xpirit (x- sprit) . His personal motto is: "Continuous improvement!" He seeks challenge in the fact that there is always a better way. He always tries to push that extra step to achieve optimal results. Currently, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps is the perfect way to implement his motto. By using the right methods and tools he helps organizations, departments, processes and people to improve in the field of software development.

Because of his contributions to the community he was rewarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award since in 2012.

Besides his work at Xpirit, he am the initiator and main organizer of the successful Global DevOps Bootcamp event. A global out of the box event around DevOps that spans 30+ countries



Rob Bos

Team leader: giving team members the opportunity to grow and deliver value. Bringing down hurdles and empowering engineers.

Software Engineer: full stack, DevOps, experience in front- and backend software & services. Azure, Web, Windows, Databases. Very interested in DevOps, Azure, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Performance Monitoring.

BI Specialist: from process to information (IBM Cognos, Qlikview, in-house build Synaxion Performance Management Software). Supporting the full process from requirements to implementation and maintenance of BI projects.

Additional: Windows System Management experience with AD / Hyper-V / SBS / Azure / Office365.



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